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About us

Our company started its activities in 2008.

One of the main goals of our company is the development of the Tajik internal tourism (eco-tourism, extreme tourism, sanatorium tourism, mountain tourism, cultural tourism and business tourism). Our staff is highly qualified in the sphere of tourism and always will be ready and happy to organize you unforgettable vacation. We are doing all our best to develop our domestic tourism and it already gives us a good results.

Over the past three years, our company very well established itself as a developing company in the tourism market. In 2011, we achieved good results by signing contracts with several airlines. Air transportation of our clients is provided by major airlines with modern flying stock. Among them are “Air Baltic”, “Turkish Airlines”, “Somon-Air” and “Tajik Air”. The main purpose of contracts with the airlines is the sale of tickets and good service for providing an opportunity sending and receiving clients through these airlines. Thus, we can send our clients anywhere in the world and also can book tickets from any country in the world.

We work only with trusted and reliable partners.

Our company has five areas of activities:

  1. Domestic tourism
  2. External tourism
  3. Sale of air tickets to all destinations
  4. Visas and visa support
  5. Study abroad

Zigana Tour Company offers tours abroad including; historical tours, VIP-tours, special tours to Europe, pilgrimage tours, religious-informative-entertainment tours, family vacation and honeymoon for just married couples. Zigana Tour pays particular attention to monitoring the quality of provided services at all stages. We carefully check each application and request which comes to Zigana Tour until the tourist gets to homeland.