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Guides and interpreters

One of the priorities of our services is the service of our guide-interpreters.

Zigana Tour has a highly-qualified guide-interpreters with the knowledge of English, French, Arabic, German, Persian and Russian languages. We can say that our company has not only just guides but has universal guides-translators which are professional in tourism sector. They do their job professionally. Since meeting at the airport they will help our guests to fill a migration card and will escort them through the entire line of the airport to parking lots. On arrival at the hotel our guide-interpreter will fill the hotel card andpromptly accommodate to the room.

In addition, our guides will accompany guests during tours, shopping at markets, sightseeing tours, night parties in the city, restaurants and bars of the capital. In short, our guests will be served by our guides throughout their stay from arrival to departure.

Zigana Tour will not leave its guests without attention.