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Travel Company Zigana Tour welcomes you!

The profile of Zigana Tour Company is mass tourism. We chose a reliable airlines and best hotels according to our experience of professional work with large flows of tourists and with good knowledge of the situation in the tourist market. We are able to offer wide opportunities for vacation of tourists, organize travel to a seminar or conference, children holidays and VIP-tours.

Our country has  very beautiful and ecological clean nature, ecological clean and tasty water, and the mountains which occupy 93% of country with enriched natural resources surrounding our country. Of course, famous place of Tajikistan is Pamir which the whole world knows as the Roof of the World. All of these natural resources give us hope and strength for the development of our domestic tourism and for organization a super-service to foreign guests of country. In the sphere of external tourism, our company provides a unique opportunity for our citizens to have vacation abroad in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Spain, India (Goa), Tunisia, the countries of Schengen zone and also we offer business trips to Dubai (UAE) and China at affordable prices.

It is important for us to organize a good service.

It has been well said that in any business the most important thing is the ideas and Zigana Tour always have these ideas for touristic development of Tajikistan.

Our partners in the sphere of external tourism are: Tez Tour, PegasTouristik, Elite-Class Travel, Abatera Tours. Each area of company`s activity is continually developing and in this process are involved our staff and all our partners. So, our company constantly justifies its slogan – Recreation without borders….with good results of its activity.

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