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Tajikistan is the richest republic according to the presence in its territory unique hot, warm and cold hydro mineral resources.

Only in the south-western and in south-eastern Pamir was revealed 70 sources with valuable physical, chemical and gas properties. They are a wealth of healing fund of Tajikistan. No wonder they say that Pamir is a collection of mineral waters.

Garm-Chashma is a spa mountain sanatorium in the south-western Pamir which is located in 42km from Khorog city and in altitude of 2800m above the sea level.

Water here is a hydrogen sulfide-carbonate, chloride-hydro carbonate-sodium-siliceous (concentration of hydrogen sulfide 170 mg / l).
Indications for treatment in sanatorium are common for to high climatic health resorts and spas with sulfide waters.

The source of Garm-Chashma is located in the south-western part of Badakhshan in 45km from the regional center Khorog city and in 73km from the district center Ishkashim. The source is located in a picturesque area in a deep valley on the right bank of the river at an altitude of 2770m above the sea level. The surrounding mountains are covered with fir trees, bushes of black currant and sea buckthorn. On the territory of physic clinic grow birch, willow, poplar and other trees.