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Khoja Obi Garm

Tajikistan is rich in natural health resorts. Here is pure mountain air, almost untouched by civilization, babbling of streams filled with crystal water, singing of birds which hide in the crowns of high trees.

Khoja Obi Garm is broadly known health resort which situated in 48km north of Dushanbe in the picturesque valley of the southern slope of Hissar range at altitude of over 1900 meters above sea level. It is perfectly landscaped complex resort for 700 people. Modern buildings of medical facilities are blends into the surrounding countryside. Built and equipped par emanatory is a special room for getting steam with dosage of quantity and temperature control. The necessary conditions for the resting after the procedure are created. There are clinic with specialized classrooms and laboratories, mud baths and bath department. But main wealth of resort is a radioactive hot mineral water. It comes to the surface at a temperature of 45-96 degrees. The water is rich in alkali, silica and have moderate radioactivity. This is one of the resorts in the world where the radioactive steam is used as a therapeutic remedy.