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Obi Garm

Obi Garm is located in the picturesque countryside to the east of Dushanbe (at an altitude of 1200m above the sea level) and it is known for its hot mineral springs (up to +37, +52 degrees). Water is like the water of hot springs from Georgian resort of Tskhalbuto. Favorable climatic conditions in obi Garm are that there is no heat but cool evenings and nights.

Patients who are morbid from cardiovascular decays and for whom stay at the height of the Khoja Obi Garm contraindicated can successfully be treated in Obi Garm. Most visitors of the resort are patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system. At resort successfully can be treated diseases of the cardiovascular system, skin and gynecological. These comfortable sanatorium buildings were built for 425 people.

It also has bath department and number of health facilities and essential household services. Bath department has a medical department with shower chair with set of showers and mud baths. Medical silt mud, oily, black and brown with smell of hydrogen sulfide comes from salt lakes of Tanapchi located in Dangara region. This mud is used in medicine to treat various lesions of the bones, diarthrosis and some gynecological diseases.