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Ziyarat Tour to Israel...

Ziyarat Tour to Israel

Our company regularly organizes religious, informative and entertaining tour to Israel.  The history of the city inseparable linked with the history of our civilization. This is a city of three religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

For Muslims it is a place in Israel, where the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) soared to heaven. For the Jews, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the city of David and Solomon`s Temple.  For the Christians it is a city where Prophet Jesus spent his last days.
In these tours, tourists can visit the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque, Mosque of Omar, the Arab neighborhoods and other Muslim places. 

Also they can visit the Garden of Gethsemane where the Prophet Jesus preached to his disciples and the Wailing Wall where Jews pray.

Besides religious tours, tourists will enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea which is very useful for diseases of leather and will visit the historical city Telaviv.  Accommodation will be provided in 4* and 5* hotels with excellent meals. All tours will be accompanied by high-qualified guides-translators with knowledge of history of 3 religions.