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Iskanderkul Lake

Halfway from Dushanbe to Samarkand, between the rocky ranges of Hissar and Zeravshan ranges, lies the most pictures part of the Tien Shan - Fan Mountains.

There is hardly a vast space of the CIS is one such corner, where a small space, among the rare beauty of landscapes,

at the foot of snowy mountains scattered just three dozen large and small lakes surrounded by green forests and white foam

from the turbulent flow of flowing streams and silver threads waterfalls. Color the water in any of the lakes is not repeated,

varying from light green to and from the turquoise blue to dark purple. And the heart of Fan Mountains is a pearl of Tien-Shan - Lake Iskanderkul. 

This is the largest in the Fan Mountains lake is situated at an altitude of more than two kilometers. 

In form it resembles a triangle area of three and a half square kilometers and reaches a depth of seventy meters. 

On all sides he is surrounded by masses of mountains, forming in some places inaccessible precipice.

 Iskanderkul stretches along the banks of a narrow fringe of willow bushes, barberry, hips and sea buckthorn. 

The bluish-green water of the lake a bit cold, but the coast and in enclosed bays in the summer it is possible to swim.

Many legends are connected with this lake. According to one of them, through the Fan Mountains took place once with his army himself, Alexander of Macedon,

and military leader during a stop on the shores of the lake in it drowned favorite horse of Alexander - Bucephalus. 

By the way, and the lake itself owes its name to the great conqueror of antiquity - the name of Alexander in Central Asia, pronounced as Iskander. 

Another legend tells that in ancient times the same Alexander conquered Sogdiana rich land - the state, then located in these parts. 

But the freedom-loving mountaineers stood up and sudden attacks all the time worried about the Greek army. 

Then the angry Alexander ordered dam the river, on which stood the main town of Sogdian, and formed a lake forever buried in the depths of his castle and its brave defenders.

Actually Iskanderkul lake formed in an ancient glacial valley, covered by moraine deposits of ice and rock falls. 

But local residents, as well as tourists who visited the lake, more of an old soul legend, as the dry line of scientific treatises. 

Crystal-clear waters, almost always clear blue sky, mountain giants, leaving peaks in sky-high heights, and the green groves

of red and pink background rocks give a fairy-tale beauty of the lake. And admiring the bank Iskanderkul eagle soaring in the sky,

just a tiny against the backdrop of snowy peaks, pink in the sunset, does not want to think about geology.  


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