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Tour to the ancient fort of Hissar

We can offer the guests the opportunity to visit this wonderful and historic city.

On this tour our guests can get acquainted with the culture and civilization of the people of Hissar. In addition to the fortress, guests can visit 2 (two) well-preserved places such as: ancient Madrasa and Stone Moosque which just wanted to tell everything about itself. Generally, it is better to see once than hear hundred times…

Sights of Hissar

Hissar fortressis situated 26km from Dushanbe in the center of Hissar valley which is the greenest and populous part of the country. From all sides the city is surrounded by mountains: from the north by Hissar ridge, from the south by Gazimalik mountains, from the southwest by Babatag mountains.

Hissar fortress was the former residence of the Bek who was the governor of Bukhara Emir. Fortress has the walls of thickness 1m and with loopholes for guns and cannons which were used for guard. Inside fortress had pool and garden. To the main entrance led large staircases and terraces lined with bricks. Unfortunately, up to present day staircases and terraces didn’t preserve, as indeed the whole building of palace.

The only thing that remains from the fortress is a monumental brick gateway with 2 cylindrical towers between which is located pointed arch. Thus most of the gates of Bukhara were constructed in 18-19 centuries. Even today, this piece looks pretty impressive. Two huge plane trees grow near the fortress, which ages are the 500-700 years.
We are confident that after visiting this historic city you will not remain indifferent to these places.

Tour includes: Sightseeing of the Hissar, visiting historic sights, lunch at local restaurant, transfer and services of guide-interpreter.

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