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Dushanbe is the largest city in Tajikistan and its magnificent capital. It is political, cultural and economic center of country.

Here the squares breathe with history and ancient forts and museums can tell about the life of civilizations, which lived in the territory of the city thousands of years ago.

Dushanbe is located at an altitude of 750-930m above sea level and it is one of the highest mountain capitals in the world. In addition, the city is decorated with huge number of new parks and various types of fountains, in coolness of which you can always take a rest after an interesting walk around the city.

For the guests of capital, we would like to offer a guided tour of the city of Dushanbe in which they can visit museums, parks, mosques, squares, national markets (bazars), teahouses and restaurants.

Tour includes: lunch in local national restaurant, services of guide-interpreter and transfer.
Welcome to Dushanbe city! The city of peace, friendship and unity!

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