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Zigana Tour company would like to invite the guests of Tajikistan to Romit gorge.

Resort “Yos” is situated at the 48th kilometer from Dushanbe in Romitgorge on the altitude 1150 meters. At present day, “Yos” is one of the best resorts in Tajikistan. “Yos” resort is a hotel with a 3-storey building with rooms of European standard, 2 big swimming pools, finish house, restaurant, bar, football playground, tennis court and couch on the bank of river.

Staff of the resort is employees who are a highly qualified in a sphere of hotel and resort service. Also “Yos” has professional chief cooks who can cook per your request any national Tajik dishes, European dishes and Caucasian shish-kebabs. On the other hand of resort, there are hills with stunning Romit scenery, but in the middle you can see the river Kofarnikhon which gives it an exotic sense to this place. In rivers and in numerous creeks you can find “royal fish”-trout, shizothorax and Turkestan catfish.

Local Residents call trout “gulmohi” which means fish-flower. In the early autumn trout are spawning in the headwaters of the rivers by rising to snow-covered peaks.

Sometimes it can be seen as a “royal fish” soars above the water surface overcoming the counter falls like snakes and jumping to stones which is covered by thin layout of water.

This is unforgettable sight!Romit gorge is still white spot on the touristic map of Tajikistan, but its potential very rich and interesting especially for the organization of the hiking trips.
Trip route: Dushanbe – Romit – Dushanbe
The length of route: 96 km
Difficulty level: no level
The main objects of trip are resort “Yos”, visiting healing source Zayron and trip to mountain trails.
Meal: included
Service: Guide and translator
Transfer: included (for individuals and group)
Planned: for individuals and group

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