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Fan Mountains

Fan Mountains is the popular touristic region which situated on the north-east of Tajikistan.

We can offer you fascinating trip to these mountains. Region is very suitable for organization of multi-day hiking tours which have many different options.

The world is perceived as something fantastic when you are passing out of the one gorge to another, from one beautiful lake to other and near the numerous number of vertical rock bastions interspersed with small hanging glaciers.

Tourists can get a true aesthetic pleasure if they have been in Fan Mountains. Driving few hours from juniper forests and greenery, tourists can get in the zones of glaciers, high mountains and eternal snow.

Area of Fan Mountains is suitable for arrival. The road, which is overlooking to the largest lake of Pamir-Alai Iskandarkul lead from Dushanbe through Anzob Pass (3372m). Other asphalt road comes from Penjikent town.

And one more road is from Khujand city through Istaravshan (former Ura-tyube) and Shahristan Pass (3351). In the area of Fan Mountains is developed the network of asphalt and dirt roads.

Location: Sughd region, Ayni and Penjikentraions
From north – Zeravshan range, from south – Hissar range, from east – Yagnob and Fandarya rivers, from west – valley of Murgab lakes
Transportation: Vehicle from Dushanbe city through Anzob Pass; vehicle from Penjikent to direction of Ayni village; vehicle from Khujand city through Shahristan Pass
Tour: from 5 to 14 days
Transfer: included (for individuals and group)

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