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Zigana Tour Company is actively claiming for visa for foreign nationals staying in Tajikistan, and also provides visa support. Tajikistan has simplified visa regime with 80 countries in the world, according to which the touristic electron visa for up to 45 days. Among these countries are Great Britain, China, USA, Germany, Iran, France, Baltic States, Japan, Turkey and others.

For those who are wishing to visit Tajikistan with tourism purpose requires an invitation from Tour Company that goes for consideration in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Affairs. 
Also we claim visa for the citizens of Republic of Tajikistan to various foreign countries.

Visa to Dubai

The process of claim visa to Dubai takes 2-3 working days (except Friday and Saturday ). For claiming visa you must provide your passport (the original) in the office of Zigana Tour.

Visa to China

We claim for visa to China in three working day. To obtain Chinese visa you must provide your passport (the original) to our office and our managers will fill your application. Then you will need to sign it and our managers will send the completed application to Consulate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan. The process is very fast. 

Schengen Visa

Zigana tour  provides the service of issuing tourist visas to the Schengen countries. We have a lot of partners - tour operators in Europe who provide an invitation (visa support) and book hotels for our clients. We issue a visa through various foreign consulates in Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata). The presence of the client in the consulates of Alma-Ata is not necessary if there are prints in this consulate. In case, if the client has never handed over prints in the consulate of Alma-Ata, then his presence at the interview is necessary. The process of obtaining a visa takes up to 14 days.